Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beware of secret charges on your accounts!

Check your credit card and bank statements for a secret charge many banks have started adding that you have to opt out of or else they keep taking your money!

Look for fraudulent charge in bank account:

"cardreg 888-454-6364"

I googled to see info. about it:

11 Feb 2009

1- 888-454-6364 is for CardAssist. They're a service that you get when you sign up for a credit card. It seems banks though are tossing in this service without really telling you. It's something that you pay every three years incase of lost/stolen credit cards or wallets.

Caller ID: 1- 888-454-6364
Caller: CardAssist

and this too

GET a REFUND!!! - 25 Jan 2008
Yes, yes, I got charged 34.59. Now, I called the 1-888-454-6364 number and got a refund immediatly for the current charge, but I also found out that they have been charging my c.c. since 2001, therefor ripped me off 7 times. I am demanding a refund for the remainding 6 years, I have made 2 calls to them so far, and was told that a "supervisor" will call me back tomorow, so we will see how much I get back!!!
If this happened to you, JUST CALL THEM! and DEMAND! ALL your $$$ back!

27 Feb 2009
I called this number to get the charges reversed and they said I signed up for their service 6.5 years ago. They said the charges recur every 3 years on a reverse billing system (meaning they charge it unless you call ahead to cancel), but they do not send out reminders that the charge is coming up. So, if it is something that only happens once every three years, how many people (realistically) are going to remember that the charge is due without a reminder.

Another thing I found fishy was that when they were rying to assertain who I was so they could process the refund, they had an address for me on file in Sparwood, B.C.. I do not nor have I ever lived or kept an address in Sparwood. The chequing account that they took the money from was only opened less than two years ago, and so if the charges are every three years as they suggested to me, how did they get this banking information if they have not contacted me directly to get it? The account I had three years ago no longer exists, and neither does the account that I used 6.5 years ago. Additionally, when they finally gave in and said they would process a refund, they said they would refund my MBNA Mastercard immediately. I don't have an MBNA Mastercard. The money was debited from my chequing account at TD Canada Trust.

During this call they obtained more information from me in order to process the refund that I believe they probably had to begin with, but I felt like if I wanted the money back I had no choice but to confirm my address, phone number, etc.. I have also initated an investigation at my bank branch to have the charges reversed that way should the company not return the money to me voluntarily.

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